Tiltex in an innovative product, which has already revolutionized the construction and civil engineering industry. It is a multi-functional solution, which offers various applications:

The improvement and reinforcement of existing concrete structures to prevent degradation

Lining of embankments
– Lining of ditches
Lining of reservoirs
Lining of slopes
Lining of trenches
Ground stabilisation
Slope stabilization
– Lining of pits
Lining of banks
– Underground wire protection
– and many other applications

Various industries can benefit from our revolutionary erosion control solution. It is successfully used in mining, road construction, civil engineering, environmental engineering, waste management, infrastructural engineering, rail industry, oil and gas business, agriculture, and many others.

Tiltex system, which belongs to the group of Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mats (GCCMs), is the product of the future. This cost-effective, multi-functional erosion control solution features fast and easy installation, which does not require any complex logistic operations or the use of heavy machinery.

Ecologic issues are the concern of the contemporary world and this why more and more conventional construction materials are being prohibited due to their negative effect on the environment. Tiltex system, however, is environmentally friendly and it does not interfere with the local ecosystem.