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About us

Our company is carrying out its work fairly at all times, with customer satisfaction in mind, and with special care for the natural environment.

Eurobent is one of the leading producers of Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCL) in the world. GCL is a liner which incorporates bentonite, an absorbent aluminum phyllosilicate which swells on contact with water. Eurobent has two production plants: one located in Świdnica (South West Poland), and the second, since 2015, in Xanthi (North East Greece). The Greek plant is a Joint Venture project co-operation with Thrace Plastics.

Eurobent employs around 45 people.
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For over a decade of activity...

...we have been accompanied by the motto: Innovation and constant improvement to protect the natural environment and to provide full satisfaction to all of our customers. It's still up to date! The overriding goal that guides our business is to obtain the reputation of a competent, trustworthy company that responds quickly to the needs and requirements of all customers.

What makes us special

We value the trust of our customers, as they render us as a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Qualified staff

Our entire team is involved in the process of delivering the best possible product.

Tailored product

On special request we can manufacture products according to specific market demands.

Best Quality

We want our partners to be satisfied with the purchase of a safe, high-quality, eco-friendly product.

Approvals and certificates

Our vast experience, expertise, and the high quality of our products are confirmed by plenty of CE and ISO certificates, as well as others:
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