Tiltex System

Adaptable solution for ground

structures reinforcement.

What is Tiltex System?

Tiltex SYSTEM is advanced product which can be quickly and easily formed giving the desired shape. Hydrated with a small amount of water, it can very quickly shape durable and firm structure serving as a ground structure reinforcement or protective liner.

Perfection comes with a quality.

Our skilled laboratory technicians constantly undertake numerous tests on our products to ensure that their high standards are constantly maintained. Strict quality control of raw materials makes the finished product fail-proof.

Additional advantage of the TILTEX SYSTEM is the fact that there is no need to use special equipment to install it. It is much faster and cheaper than conventional materials used in the lining of ditches, reservoirs, slopes, banks and trenches.

Quick installation


Optimal solution

Efficient & easy-to-use


Solid screen

Tiltex is a needle punched composite, consisting of concrete-sand mix, embedded and fixed
between two layers of geo-textile and supported with additional layer of geomembrane.

Ground structures reinforcement

TILTEX SYSTEM makes way for direct application of a thin, regular protective layer of concrete, which may be used in various weather conditions. The fabric is fastened to an outer part with nails, which provides a solid, water-resistant surface stabilization, further braced thanks to internal reinforcing fibers.

Videos with our product.

Tiltex is a fresh and innovative idea, which appeared
as a result of thorough exploration of a new product.
We have just started it and the feedback we get from
our customers is very positive. We already know that
a bright future awaits us.

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