Slope stabilisation


Stabilization of a steep slope may be quite of a challenge as numerous problems, such as erosion, sliding of the ground, drainage issues, or space limitations, may appear. The construction work requires a lot of time and is usually costly. Tiltex System offers an optimal solution to all of these problems.

Concrete mattress

Our product is geosynthetic cementitious mat (GCCM), which in short can be described as concrete mattress in a roll. It is an advanced technology, which is constantly gaining more and more popularity, at the same time displacing conventional construction materials.

Concrete in a roll

GCCM is ultra-thin, needle punched composite of concrete-sand mix, geotextile, and geomembrane, which together form concrete in a roll. The mat provides reinforcement for even a very steep slope, it also controls and prevents erosion as it is resistant to chemicals and microorganisms present in the soil as well as it blocks the washing out of the soil by rainfall. Our concrete cloth gives a slope an extra layer, which makes it more stable and unified.

The application of the concrete mat is quick and easy as it only has to be rolled out and spread on the slope. The product has flexible nature so it will instantly adhere to the surface. It needs to be hydrated and then it hardens after a few hours, not losing its unique qualities. The method is inexpensive and it does not require any complex logistic operations so it can successfully be used for both permanent and temporary projects.