Lining of slopes


Tiltex System is a pioneering idea for lining of slopes – a task which often appears to be a challenge. Slopes are not easy to protect as in the process of time the soil and ground tend to slide. The surface is subjected to erosion, degradation, rainfall, or weed growth, which makes a slope difficult to maintain, especially when it’s located by a busy road or rail.

Tiltex System, which is a part of GCCM advanced technology, is a solution to all of the problems slopes may cause. The product we offer may be compared to concrete cloth in a roll, which can be spread out on a slope in order to reinforce or stabilize it and to protect it from erosion and degradation for long years. It will also help to control weed growth and prevent rainfall from permeating into the slope.

Concrete liner

Concrete liner in a roll is a fast and cost-effective way of slopes lining when compared to traditional methods. While applying, Tiltex stays flexible and perfectly adheres to the surface, it hardens after a few hours, without losing its flexibility. This is what makes our product unique and fail-proof.

Short installation time and no need of any special machinery make Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mat the best choice when it comes to work which needs to be completed quickly, for example when it halts traffic or when a degrading slope could be dangerous to the nearby area. The process of Tiltex application is short and easy so it will perfectly work for both temporary and permanent projects.

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