Lining of Reservoirs


The main aim of reservoirs lining is to separate the soil from the water. A proper lining performs two crucial tasks. First of all, it prevents the contamination of water in the reservoir by water from the soil. Secondly, precluding any potential leakage, it keeps the water within the structure of the reservoir.

There is no better solution to line a reservoir than by using our product. Tiltex system belongs to an innovative group of materials known as Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mats, called GCCMs. It’s concrete impregnated fabric which can successfully be used to line a reservoir of any type. Once the ground is cleaned of rubble, tree roots, or big stones, our concrete roll can be spread out.

Comparing to traditional methods, our product is inexpensive, it is easy to apply, and it does not require any special preparations. A unique composition of concrete-sand mix, fixed between the layers of geo-textile and geomembrane, is ultra-thin and highly flexible, but the moment it hardens, it becomes stable and durable.

Tiltex system provides a solid stabilization of the terrain, it reinforces the embankments of the reservoir, and protects it from erosion. The solution is eco-friendly and it does not cause any adverse effects to the water in a reservoir or to the local area. While traditional concrete or bitumen materials are being slowly banned due to the environmental issues, Tiltex is becoming the product of the future.

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