Ground Stabilisation


Tiltex System is a multi-functional product, which can successfully be used in construction projects that require ground stabilization and reinforcement. These include roads, motorways, railways, car parks, airports, and other heavy-trafficked places. Sturdy and waterproof nature of our product makes it an optimal solution, which guarantees solid quality and long lifespan of the surface.

Concrete carpet

Ground stabilization with the use of conventional materials is a complicated and time-consuming investment. Tiltex system, however, is in the form of concrete cloth in a roll, which features high flexibility while application. The surface only needs to be cleared out of larger debris and when it is done, the concrete carpet can be simply unrolled.

The installation process is logistically very simple to plan as it does not require any special preparations and is very quick. It is a very important factor when the construction work is done in a busy area, where normal traffic needs to be re-established as quickly as possible. The simple application of our concrete cloth means a lot of savings for the contractor as no heavy machinery or additional materials are needed.

Our product is a cost-effective and reliable solution, which is an effect of numerous tests undertaken by our skilled laboratory technicians. Also, our concrete cloth meets strict requirements concerning ecological issues as it is 100% environmentally-friendly and it does not disturb the local eco-system.

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