Embankment Lining


The advanced technology of Tiltex system is an excellent way to line every kind of embankment. The construction and maintenance of an embankment may be quite troublesome as the soil, especially if it is soft, can slide, shelve, or be subjected to erosion and washing off by heavy rainfall.

Our product is concrete impregnated fabric, which is in the form of a roll. It can provide optimal stabilization and reinforcement of any embankment without interfering with its original structure. Our concrete cloth, which is an advanced combination of cement-sand mix, geomembrane, and geo-textile, will act as a securing layer. It will protect the embankment against erosion, sliding, and scouring.

Concrete cloth

Our cementitious mat is an alternative to traditional construction materials and it has already been widely used around the world as the solution is cost-effective, quick, and easy. The mat is just unrolled on the surface and perfectly adheres to it due to its highly flexible nature. Despite the fact the concrete cloth is thin, it is an extremely solid and durable material, which will not degrade in the process of time.

One of the greatest assets of our product is that, unlike most conventional construction materials, it is friendly to the environment and it does not affect the local area in any negative way. It is an extremely important factor as nowadays more and more traditional materials are being forbidden due to the environmental concerns.

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