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Road and railway slope protection

Road and railway slope protection

Tiltex is suitable for applications where the slope body is unstable and there is a risk of deep sliding, which occurs when a large mass of the slope collapses.

This can be caused by groundwater presence or other factors such as ground vibrations. In such cases conventional solutions include shotcrete, steel grids and soil nails used to stabilise the slope through structural reinforcement.

Tiltex can replace shotcrete in such projects, but must be considered as part of a solution designed by a qualified geotechnical engineer.

Railway stabilisation

Tiltex is very well suited to the stabilisation of railway lines due to its installation process, which is quick and efficient.

Installation time is one of the most important advantages when carrying out such work, as it reduces the occupation of the railway line while improving safety.

Road stabilisation

Tiltex is also a sustainable water management and erosion control solution for new and existing road infrastructure projects.

Due to its quick and easy installation, Tiltex minimises traffic disruption and reduces the time a lane is occupied.


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