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Lining of ditches/trenches

Lining of ditches/trenches

Tiltex can successfully be used to line ditches/trenches – ground structures which are exposed to various corrosive agents, such as acids or alkalis.

With time ditches or trenches may also get degraded, washed out, and get damaged by animals or environmental factors.

Our product belongs to an innovative group of materials known as Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mats (GCCMs). Tiltex SYSTEM significantly contributes to erosion control and prevents degradation or water saturation. Because of their irregular shape, lining of ditches/trenches with the use of conventional materials may be quite tricky. However, due to its flexibility, our cementitious mat can adapt to the shape of the ditch or trench. It is  also cost effective and its application doesn’t require much time or complicated operations. It can also reinforce and stabilize a ditch or trench, which makes the future maintenance much easier.

Tiltex advantages as a ditch/trench stability solution:

  • Using Tiltex saves labour, time, and costs as well as prolongs ditch longevity
  • Reduces installation downtime challenges
  • It provides a long-term erosion control
  • It is more economical than alternative methods when comes to costly repair or replacement

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