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Lining of banks

Lining of banks

Tiltex SYSTEM can successfully be used to reinforce, stabilize, and protect water banks from erosion.

The flow of water, its volume, velocity and the type of soil are the factors which may lead to banks scouring or even collapsing. The application of concrete impregnated fabric on the bank allows to avoid its degradation and maintenance problems in the future.

Our ultra-thin and elastic concrete mat will perfectly adapt to the unevenness of the terrain, adhering to it closely. Once it is applied and hydrated, the surface gets permanent protection from erosion and degradation. The installation is extremely easy, fast, and cost-effective.

After larger rocks or tree roots are removed from the bank, it can be covered with the concrete cloth. When it hardens, the surface becomes smooth, consistent, and resistant to erosion or weed growth, it also prohibits animals from burrowing. At the same time, our concrete mat is eco-friendly and doesn’t interfere with the natural environment of the local area.


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