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Schotterwerk Stolberg – Hitzberg

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Water basin Stolberg

This is a water basin in Germany where first, protective nonwoven 500 g/m² was laid, then HDPE and  2.0 mm structured film. On the top - two layers of TILTEX 9.

Before installing all materials, the larger stones had to be removed from the walls and floor. Then, rainwater was collected within a rainwater retention and settling basin. This prevents surface water from flowing out of the gravel works into the sewage system and also alows stored water to be use in the summer.

The original concept was a classic reinforced concrete structure. The construction that has now been implemented, is considerably more cost-effective and the installation took place in a comparatively short time. The "geometry" of the pool was extremely demanding and  difficult, but TILTEX is a "modular" product and can be adapted to the specific requirements, and combined with different layers of non-woven fabric, various type of cement and different combinations of foils and/or fabrics.

In this project TILTEX was laid with the fabric side up, and because of this, robust and resistant surface was achieved against mechanical stress, such as mechanical cleaning of the pool.

TILTEX is a multi-functional solution, which offers various applications:

-  Lining of ditches

– Lining of reservoirs

– Lining of slopes

– Lining of trenches

– Ground stabilization

– Slope stabilization

– Lining of banks

– Underground wire protection

Technical data
1 300 m²
Civil engineering