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Rehabilitation of culvert pipe

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Culvert pipe repair solution

The goal of the project was to rehabilitate culvert pipe, with a time and cost effective solution, for better culvert performance exiting into high-flow channels.

The contractor cut 2,4 x 4,9 m strips at their shop prior to the installation and transported them to the project site. This way 23 m long and 8 wide bottom and sides of the 22 m pipe up to the waterline was covered.

Pre-cutting the TILTEX material made it easy to maneuver pieces in and out of the culvert without heavy equipment. The TITEX was then secured using self-tapping screws, and an aluminium baton strips at the termination and beginning of box culvert.

TILTEX was installed faster than originally anticipated which yielded savings to the end client without decreasing effectiveness of the application.

Thanks to TILTEX client was able to:

  • Save time and labor costs
  • Limit disruption and loss of access for extended time period
  • Save money in the long term on repeated repairs
  • Extend lifespan of pipe without its replacement
Technical data
200 m²
Civil engineering